Binge TV, Jazz, and a Karen

I don’t watch Mexican TV. I probably should, for my language skills, but I don’t. I have Paramount+ for Star Trek, Disney+ for Star Wars, and Netflix.

I recently binge watched all of NCIS New Orleans with Scott Bakula, of Quantum Leap fame. I enjoy the long story arcs in shows like this, even when the individual episodes can be formulaic. I mean, how many times do you yell “Federal Agents!” from a block away before you realize that people run every time? The characters are often good in these shows, though, which is what makes them addictive.

On my way back from Maine in March, I had a long layover in Atlanta and stopped to get a $22 burger. I’m sitting there reading and this young guy comes in. He perches at the end of one of the high tables, only to get a nasty look from the Karen sitting there. (He was Black). So I invited him to join me and we had a nice chat. Turns out he is a jazz bass player, and had played in one of the many bands featured in Dwayne Pride’s bar in NCIS New Orleans. He said Scott Bakula was really nice, and quite good on the piano.

Photo: My sister’s cat, not remotely interested in any of this. She took the pic.

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