Ocean Has Arrived

Finally! Two years in the making, Ocean is here. The sequel to Atmoshphere picks up 10 years after the events of the first book, with a second mission arriving on Chara IV, an imaginary planet circling a very real Class G star (I researched).

Funny side story: I originally cast these two books and the upcoming third as The Chara Series. Yesterday, I went on Amazon and found that some guy named Ben Zwycky wrote a fantasy novel in 2016 and subtitled it “Book 1 of the Chara Series.” This didn’t show up when I published Atmosphere two years ago, so I have been using the title all this time. He still hasn’t published a second book. I assume his series name comes from a character in his book, rather than hours of research to find a plausible location for the setting of a science fiction novel. It’s annoying. Still, he had the name first, so I changed mine to The Chara IV Series. It doesn’t roll off the tongue nearly as well, but the last thing I wanted was someone else’s book showing up in a search for mine. Then I discovered that my books were now connected to a bunch of cutesy Manga volumes. So I switched back. If Ben Zwycky Ever writes a sequel to Beyond the Mist, I suppose we can fight over the series name.

That’s why I chose such unique names for the three volumes in my series: Atmosphere, Ocean, and Moon. How may books could there be with those titles?

Search for any of them on Amazon: over 60,000 results.

Humor aside, I really am proud of this book. Both of them, actually, although I think the second is better. How could I not have learned and improved by writing the first? The third, which will probably take another two years, will hopefully be even better still. Here is a peek at its cover.

If you read Atmosphere, thank you! If you reviewed it, thank you even more! If you haven’t yet, I have reduced the price in all formats on the release of Ocean (to drive sales of the second volume, of course.)

Link to Atmosphere.

Link to Ocean.

Link to Janny Taylor who created the original artwork for all three covers.

4 thoughts on “Ocean Has Arrived

  1. YAY!! So far I don’t see print copy availability – will that happen soon? I’m really looking forward to the read but need to reduce rather than increase my computer time. Plus I gotta add your second volume to the first on my coffee table.

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