Hey! Who Is This Guy, And Why Is He Showing Up In My Feed?

I’ve been busy writing on WordPress, but in the private blog I use to create my lastest novel.  I’ve also been reading a lot, 28 books this year to date. Some incredible, some solidly mediocre. I post music videos and the occasional personal note on Livejournal. I post pictures and interact with other authors on Instagram. I always intend to spend more time here, but never seem to make it. Once I get this book off to beta readers, I’ll likely exercise my need to write over here. Until then, here is an exchange I had with a writer on Instagram.


There is much I agree with in this quote. I had one small difference of opinion. All is subjective!


And there you have it, the meaning of life according to me and some other random author I hardly know on the internet. You are most welcome!



2 thoughts on “Hey! Who Is This Guy, And Why Is He Showing Up In My Feed?

  1. Hi Dave ! My water line burst–and that is the extent of my recent adventures !! Life s good ! I have 4 little ones I’m hanging with right now –wow–I’m struggling with Anne Besants translation of the Bhagavad Gita but getting something out of it–maybe in my imagination or maybe for real –I don’t know yet ? I spoke with Jane yesterday and asked her (how are you) her reply was ” I’m really really really really really really really really good ” I don’t know if that is her imagination or if that is real ? Andre wasn’t quite so adamant ? Ishta is a wonderful two legged !!! I am sooooo in love!!! Jabra is doing well — his two girls are with us most of the week—I am soooo in love!! Tucson is so alive and vibrant — I know your tired of it–but then you’ve always been in your own Lala land unto yourself !! Miguel just bought a golf course and country club in Rancho Mirage Palm Springs–millions and millions –crazy huh!! The pice of Mescal just went up!! Be well Dave !!

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