Monte Alban

I first came to Oaxaca in 2009, on an epic road trip from Tucson to Lago Atitlan in Guatemala and back. We descended into the town out of the mountains and stayed a week.  I was completely unaware of Monte Alban sitting nestled in the hills above town.

I came again in 2018, for Dia De Los Muertes.  On that trip I visited a smaller site, Mitla, but did not go to Monte Alban because my legs would not permit me to climb around (long story).

Then I was back one more time this February, but that trip was consumed by the search for the apartment where I now live.

Today, I finally got to see the site in all of its magnificence.  Well, almost all.  Because of Covid, access is closed to the tombs which contain some spectacular paintings. I’ll have to see those next year.

Here are some photos and a video from today, starting with the “discoverer” of Monte Alban.


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