Zacatecas is all about exercise. There are no level streets and a lot of stairs. That’s a good thing, as there is a lot of great food here!

Waiting outside the telegraph building, possibly for money wired home from the US.
Templo de Fatima
Part of the spectacular aqueduct that runs through the city. Sadly a hotel had been built right up against it.
A. Genaro Codina, author of the March of Zacatecas
The Basilica
The facade of the Basilica
Ramon Lopez Velarde, Poet

There are a lot of tourists in Zacatecas, but I have seen no Europeans or Americans, just Mexicans. I was looking forward to a market I remembered from 2009 that sold only books and periodicals, some quite old. It is gone. The printed page has been replaced by sweets, cheap jewelry, and Chinese junk. SeƱor Velarde would be saddened.