Masks are mandatory. No thanks to Arizona’s governor, Doug Ducey, who has his head so far up Trump’s ass that he, Mitch McConnell, and Lindsay Graham could have a threesome. No, all Ducey had the “courage” to do was to allow Arizona cities and counties to require them.

This should have been mandatory nationwide starting in March. It is remarkable how much more comfortable it is going out in public when you know that everyone is taking the most basic of precautions to prevent spread of the virus.

So by all means reopen.  Just be sure that all the idiots and assholes are required by law to exercise the common sense that they either don’t possess innately or choose to deny at the urging of the idiot asshole in chief.


7 thoughts on “Finally

  1. There are still plenty of a-holes out there. Safeway on Prince/Campbell is allowing massless people to shop. The manager said that he is not the police. I am calling stores before I go to inquire what their policies are and how effective and committed they are to implementing said policies. Trump, McConnell, Graham, Pence…all the enablers…should be held accountable for the thousands of deaths that they are causing.

  2. To his everlasting shame, Trump and his puppets have turned the corona virus pandemic into an ‘us vs. them’ cultural war and downplayed the seriousness of the disease, instead of leading a unified stand to meet the challenge head-on. By refusing to take responsibility for his large part in this deadly debacle, Trump has forfeited any right to lead the country.

    November 3 can’t come soon enough.

  3. I tend to view all the people who give reasons to not wear masks with the same disdain as i do those who give reasons not to wear seatbelts or why they should be able to smoke in public places.

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