That is the word count of the now completed rewrite of my science fiction novel, Atmosphere. Mr Turquoise Skull approves.


Next step: wait not so patiently for my beta readers to brutally critique this draft so I can make the final edit worthy of publication. It would be nice to find an agent as well, but I really don’t know how to go about that.  It would have to be someone willing to work on commission only since I have no money to speak of. I have one publisher in line who will accept an unsolicited manuscript without an agent, DAW.  They are a quality house and I have read quite a bit from their catalogue.  The thing is, I sent them the first draft of this book before I realized that it was basically a 60,000 word outline, and woefully incomplete.  I have warned them that I will resubmit.  I hope they take the time to read the new improved expanded version. Time will tell.  My last resort is to self publish on Amazon. In the meantime, I’ve already begun the sequel: Ocean. Onward and upward.