In The Shadows Of Distraction


I don’t like sports bars, not because I dislike sports, though I will admit I have little interest.  I dislike sports bars because there is nowhere to sit without the distraction of a television in one’s line of sight. My eyes are always drawn to the screen, no matter what is on it. I will sporadically glance towards it regardless of the importance of the conversation I may be involved in.

Cell phones have a similar attraction.  When your phone rings or chimes indicating a message, it is difficult to ignore it.  It might be something important.  What if you miss out?

You are missing out. You are missing out on the opportunity for deeper contact with the person across the table from you in the sports bar.  You are missing out on the pleasure of the concert you are making crappy videos of. You are missing out on the world around you every minute you spend on that phone.

Remember when the internet and cellphones were going to be the great equalizer, spreading information, truth, and power to all people regardless of status? Me too.  The powers that be took notice, and now the internet is flooded with manipulative misinformation and time sucking mindless games. Now, we walk oblivious down the street on our phones as the soldiers of fascism plot their revival in plain sight.

Oaxaca is a very political place.  I will either fit in, get in trouble, or more likely, both.  I’m looking forward to it.