Doors Are Appearing And Inviting


Some reading this may know that I am planning to move to Cd. Oaxaca sometime in 2021 to live off my meager Social Security while writing. photographing, and learning the local indigenous languages. I won’t be the “rich” ex-pat, but I will be able to be comfortable. I am daily finding more things to make me want to be here. Last night I saw a classical performance of the 5th Brandenburg and John Rutter’s Suite Antigua by all local musicians.  It was fabulous.  Right now I am typing this in a maker space called Convivio that offers high speed internet, free coffee and mescal, and a comfortable workspace for a very reasonable fee. It may not be in my ex-pat budget, but it says a lot about the community to make it more inviting. I visited one of the many print shops that Oaxaca is famous for, and was blown away by the high quality of the work they produce. I’ve only been here two days…

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