Shadow Lives

I found this shadow in front of my local coffee shop this morning. It’s beautiful, so I caught this with my phone.

Looking at it just now, it occurred to me that the actual plant which cast the shadow is far more beautiful, in full color, living and photo-synthesizing life from the light of the sun which cast this shadow. Yet I am drawn to the shadow first. There is a simple elegance to it. It’s clean and easy to understand. In two dimensions it is easier to compose into an image.

How many of us look at life this way? We avoid the messy complexity of a full color existence, instead opting for the safety of black and white.

7 thoughts on “Shadow Lives

  1. As a photographer I know how bad we are in seeing shadows. People (including myself) take pictures of many ‘real objects’, to only discover later much later, when looking at a photo, that there are so many shadows. Seeing the shadows *before* is a skill, and a valuable one.

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