All Montana All Day

Images collected between Plentywood and Red Lodge, Montana.  The first 14 were taken at the family farm of dear friends of my parents who are no longer with us.  I shared coffee and delightful conversation with their two sons.  We surely knew each other as infants, but haven’t seen each other since.  A pleasure to meet you, Jamie and Tim!


Yes, it still flies!DSC02281smDSC02283smDSC02284smDSC02285smDSC02287smDSC02290smDSC02291smDSC02292smDSC02293smDSC02294smDSC02295smDSC02304smDSC02305smDSC02307smDSC02309smDSC02311smDSC02315smDSC02317smDSC02318smDSC02320sm

2 thoughts on “All Montana All Day

  1. David, a real pleasure getting to know you. I always notice how the coffee tastes better when shared with good company! Wishing you a safe and adventurous trip home. Keep in touch. J

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