Catch And Release Photography

I saw dozens of fishermen in Yellowstone today. (No bears, fishing or otherwise) I assume that human fishermen are bound by a catch and release rule in the park.  I have never understood the allure (see what I did there?) of fishing, and it makes even less sense to me if you don’t end up with a nice filet of trout at the end of the day.  All my fishing friends tell me I have no idea what I’m talking about.  They may be right.

I crossed over Beartooth Pass (10947 ft) from Red Lodge, on my way to the park.  It was cloudy, at times rainy, and absolutely gorgeous.  I took a bunch of incredible photos, before, during, and after the rain.  Then, right after arriving at Yellowstone and scoring my only good bison portrait, I realized there was no card in my camera. Catch and release photography, get it?  Well it sucks even more that I imagine catch and release fishing does for the fish.

I had to let it go, though, and I got some nice photos of Yellowstone scenery, including a bison herd from the distance.  I saw and didn’t photograph two pronghorn, one deer, and an elk.  No bears.  I waited for 45 minutes to see Old Faithful erupt, and it was awesome.  My photo while I was waiting was better than the one of the actual event, though, because some clouds positioned themselves directly behind the plume to cancel it out.  Still much better than catch and release.

I missed out on at least a whole day’s worth of sights.  Yellowstone is massive.  Here’s what I got.


All Montana All Day

Images collected between Plentywood and Red Lodge, Montana.  The first 14 were taken at the family farm of dear friends of my parents who are no longer with us.  I shared coffee and delightful conversation with their two sons.  We surely knew each other as infants, but haven’t seen each other since.  A pleasure to meet you, Jamie and Tim!


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