Caminata desde San Marcos a Jaibalito

We took a lancha across the lake to San Marcos, had breakfast by the water, walked through hippielandia to the main road, and then out of town to the east. The walk to Tzununa was on a dirt road, with views of the volcanoes and lake and the gated homes of wealthy ex-pats and Guatemaltecos on the right, and the impossibly steep cultivated hillsides on the left.


San Pedro La Laguna, nestled at the foot of Volcan San Pedro.DSC01282smDSC01283smDSC01284sm

I found this amusing.  There was no fence on either side, just this gate.DSC01286smDSC01287smDSC01288smDSC01290sm

Then we walked down into Tzununa and up a steep steep hill to the little church, took off our shoes and went inside to look.  Afterwards, back down the hill and out the other side of town, up an even steeper hill to a fancy hotel with spectacular views.  There the road ended and we were on a footpath hugging the steep slope up and down and around small bays until we reached Jaibalito.


Political graffiti left over from the 2015 elections.DSC01293sm

There was a futbol game in progress as we entered Tzununa.  The road went right across the field, so we had to hug the edge.  I turned around to snap this after.DSC01294smDSC01297smDSC01298smDSC01313sm

Volcan Toliman in the foreground, and Volcan Atitlan behind.DSC01315sm

This guy was a long way from home.  Our best guess was that he escaped from a fisherman on his way up the trail.DSC01317sm

Volcan San PedroDSC01322smDSC01325sm

Jaibalito.  Not much there but some fancy hotels.  Next time we continue on to Santa Cruz. From here we took a lancha home for lunch and, in my case, two beers and a nap.DSC01326sm