Chichicastenango From The Hip in B&W

I’ve been to the market in Chichi four times now.  It is a riotous mass of people and color.  It has completely consumed the five centuries old plaza central of the town.  Tents stretch to the steps of both churches and into the streets beyond. If you wander in the right direction, you might come upon a small oasis of green off to one side, or, even more out of place, the now dry central fountain tucked in among the booths which sell everything from tourist souvenirs to bolts of handwoven cloth, to the yarn to weave them, to every kind of food imaginable, including live chickens, ducks, and turkeys.  There is a gigantic indoor vegetable market showcasing the rich variety of crops available in Guatemala, and a section where you can buy the more mundane items like ordinary cheap clothing, school supplies, hardware, whatever.  People come from all over Guatemala to this market to both buy and sell.  Tourists wander around taking photos.  I tried a different approach today, I shot from the hip, with only approximate aim, trying for more candid images, and then I treated all of them as black and white, eliminating the distraction of the rainbow of colors that usually overpowers photos in Guatemalan markets.


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