Last Day in San Cristobal de las Casas


Tomorrow we head back to San Pedro La Laguna on beautiful Lago Atitlan after two weeks of exploring this fascinating city, along with a couple side trips.  We walked almost every inch of this place, ate at dozens of restaurants, and watched torrential rain fall almost every afternoon. This photo is of the top of one of the domes of the main cathedral, which, like most of the churches here, is closed for extensive repairs.  I’m guessing it will be years before many of them are opened. I shot this on my way back from the local market, which is a couple blocks beyond the equally huge tourist market.  The local one is full of mostly food and cheap clothing.  Many times I wanted to snap photos of endless displays of chickens or piles of fruit, but for some reason I just walked through aisle after aisle, taking it all in.  I didn’t feel like asking for permission, and I hate taking intimate photographs without doing so.

I’m looking forward to getting back to the warmer climate of the lake, and to finalizing arrangements with the printer in Guatemala City. Maybe the biggest thing on the agenda is tackling another language.  I hope to get at least some Tz’utujil under my belt in the next few weeks.

I’ll post again when the printing is finalized.  Hopefully Friday.

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