4 thoughts on “The Entire Cover

  1. Love it! Mazel tov. It’s amazing. All of it. The journey.

    Questions: what’s the mosquito situation? I’m packing repellent. The fuckers love me. They get into the house and get under the sheets and find ways to bite me everywhere.

    Long pants? And short pants? I haven’t seen any photos of you in shorts. Long sleeves and short sleeves?

    Laundry detergent to wash things in sink?

    Ear plugs. Definitely.

    What other basics do I need to think about?

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  2. OMG…Laundry Service!!! Yuk Yuk’s. YAY. Our plan is to follow our plan, and should we not be able to sleep at all (I cannot enjoy myself or learn anything if I haven’t gotten a fair amount of sleep), then we will move to another location. BTW, we are going to go to Tikal. Have you been? Wanna go, too? BTW, John Mendola might might might come, too.

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