The Cover

This is the design I am currently favoring for the cover of the book.  It features Doña Elena Coché Gonzalez.  The back will list the names of myself and the others who have worked so hard to make this happen.  I will post the whole thing when I have it done.


3 thoughts on “The Cover

  1. Love it. Sure you don’t want your name on the cover? Do you want to share other options? I’m curious. Cause you said “currently favoring,” which leads me to believe that there were others that you were favoring before “currently.” 🙂

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    • My name and the names of the other people who collaborated will be on the back and my name on the spine. I don’t want this to be about me. Anyone who is interested will be able to tell easily from my introduction and the back cover, but in the end, this is about and for the people of San Pedro.

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