Interrupted Rhythm

The local bacteria aren’t nearly as friendly as the local people here in San Pedro.  Somewhere along the way, I was careless with my hygiene and managed to invite them into my digestive system.  A battle of wills ensued.  I won, but only with the help of quite a bit of raw garlic and a virtual two day fast.  Fortunately for the schedule of the project, this exciting episode occurred over the weekend.  Today we will be back at it, with three interviews, and on track to finish this phase in two weeks.  At that point interviews will end, and we will wrap up translations and reviews thereof, design a cover, write an introduction, and off it goes to the printer at the end of the month.  I should have a couple sample pages to show you later this week.  Meanwhile, here is a handsome gentleman from last week.


Don Francisco Toc Chavajay is a drummer.  I had hoped to photograph him with his drum, but it was elsewhere waiting for him to perform in a festival.  The festival wasn’t far from my house, but being sick, I didn’t go out.  It was impossible, however, not to hear.  I’m pretty sure he drummed non-stop for about four hours.