One Week In

We finished the week with two abuelas, dos amas de casa (housewives).  It is interesting to see how consistent some of the answers to our questions are.  The prevalence of religion and the gratitude to God for all their good fortune were not surprising.  When we ask what changes there have been during their lives, however, almost every person cites the lack of respect that young people now have for their elders as the most significant change.  We are going to try to adjust and expand on this by asking what they think are the causes.  So much has happened in the world during the last 80 years, it is fascinating to see this brought up over and over as the most significant change.

Here is Doña Elena Coché Gonzalez, talking with her daughter off camera when we asked her to expand on her answer. Her daughter said she always had a lot to say, but that she was really nervous in front of the camera.  I wish I could speak Tzutujil and put her at ease.