La Doña Y Su Altar

San Pedro La Laguna is an extremely religious community, especially among the elders.  Anyone who knows me knows that I don’t ascribe to any dogma, and am skeptical of all claims of things supernatural. The irony here is that the religion embraced by these people is not a Mayan religion, but one which was brutally imposed upon their ancestors by Spanish invaders.  I am neither a psychologist nor an anthropologist, so I will not try analyze the causes, but it is challenging when you ask someone what their secret to happiness or advanced age is, and “Dios” is the immediate response.  We try to nudge them towards more down-to-earth responses, but results are mixed.  I’m sure God and religion will be omnipresent in the book, because they are omnipresent in the people I am documenting.  I have yet to see the translation of Doña Elena Quiacain Tuch de Gonzalez’s interview, but she specifically asked to be photographed with her gorgeous altar.


2 thoughts on “La Doña Y Su Altar

  1. AMAZING! I love the altar. As far as religion goes, I am with you, but when someone believes so deeply there is a truth to it. And yes, this religion, in particular was foisted on them/on her. Humans are interesting.

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