Now The Real Work Begins

Two more interviews today, and today I begin the real work of translation from Spanish to English.  Don Luis Raymundo Batz Solis, who is a writer, was born here in San Pedro, but his parents were from a region which speaks a different Mayan dialect.  Spanish is therefore easier for him.  This was nice for me, because I could actually listen in on him talking about the revolution and the transition from dictatorship to Democracy. Our second interview was with Doña Petrona Cox Morales, a tejedora, who was working on a traditional fabric for men’s clothing.


Each person we interview, I wish I could get to know.  I wish my Spanish were better (it will be), or that I could speak Tzutujil (that will be much harder and is a long way off).  I am privileged to be able to do what I am doing, honored to document their words for future generations.

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