Last Minute Learning Curve And A Streetside Abstract

We now have a list of 86 men and women as potential interviewees.  Tomorrow we visit the first two.  So, true to form, I figured out how to take videos with the camera I have had for a month this afternoon.  I made a sample 18 minute video of myself reading.  When I plugged the memory card into my laptop, there were a few photos, including the one at the end of this post.  There was, however, no video file.  Panic ensued.  Looked online.  Evidently there was some software which came with the camera which I need in order to download videos from it.  OK, I found it online and installed it.  An 18 minute 4K video on this camera is 6.6 GB.  Wow.  Good thing I have an 256 GB thumb drive.  OK, drag and drop.  “file is too big…”  Huh?  There is plenty of room.  I still don’t know why I can’t copy a 6.6 GB file to the thumb drive.  The software has a conversion function though, so I start it.  It takes forever.  Go back to the manual.  There is a setting which makes the camera simultaneously record a smaller file for me.  Yay!  Still have to import the gigantic one, because until they are on my computer they appear as one unit.  (There was  a bit of panic over that as well)  Oh yeah, for a few minutes I thought I had forgotten my spare battery and the charger for the camera.  All said and done, I am as ready as I am going to be for tomorrow’s first interviews.  Since you sat through all this nonsense, here is a pretty picture.