Political Predictions

Hillary Clinton’s’s campaign will start slinging mud at Bernie Sanders when he hits 20% in the polls. He will continue to stay on message, and it will be a very close primary, despite all of Clinton’s money. The Republicans will do what they did last time around, with the crazies rising to the surface and self destructing one after another, until the most banal of them all is left standing, maybe Jeb Bush. If it is a contest between Bernie and Jeb, Bernie will wipe the floor with him, taking many disaffected Tea Partiers and Independents away from the Republican party, possibly with enough coattails to take back at least the Senate. If it is Hillary vs anyone, it will be close til the end, with virtually no change in Congress. If Bernie becomes president, he and his idealistic supporters will slam in to the same wall of reality that Obama and his did. Within a year, he will be called a sellout and weak by those same idealists, as he compromises and battles congressional inertia to try to get anything done.