Clear As Mud

There is absolutely a culture of racism in this country in general and in law enforcement in particular, so as the Fergusen MO story unfolded, I tended to believe the supporters of Michael Brown.  The Fergusen PD has an abysmal record when it comes to treatment of people of color.  The only evidence we heard for weeks was complete fabrications from Right Wing radio hosts (there was no “orbital eye socket injury”), and sympathetic “eyewitness” accounts from the victim’s friends and neighbors.  The prosecutor handled the case terribly,  passively dumping reams of evidence on the grand jury and allowing it to flounder about, instead of shepherding it to an indictment and then a jury trial, which should have happened.  Nevertheless, the actual evidence presented supports the officer.  It is clear that the struggle began in the car and that Brown was shot while moving towards the officer, who was shouting at him to stop.  That is pretty much all you need to exonerate the cop.  Very few people will take the time to read the evidence, unfortunately, which is why we so desperately needed a trial to bring it out point by point, and clear the air.  Now instead, we have riots and anger, and FOX News spewing racist claptrap.