Who Do You Blame?

Suppose you have a man and a woman living in a house together.  The man is a prize fighter, trained by professionals.  It was originally the woman’s house, but she was forced to share it with the prize fighter by all of his friends, who are even bigger than he.  At first, they shared the house more or less equally, but after she decided to try to get her home back and failed, he restricted her to smaller and smaller areas, ultimately confining her to one room, not allowing her to leave and controlling the food and water that went in.  Sometimes she would try to escape, beating on his chest futilely, but he would beat her within an inch of her life.  His friends would shake their heads and say “you two really ought to stop fighting, but as long as she is going to attack you, you have every right to beat her within an inch of her life.”  Anyone who mentions the asymmetrical nature of the situation is accused of being prejudiced against men.


Absurd?  Yes.