8 thoughts on “Somtimes I Am Embarassed To Be Male

      • I am trying to get back to ‘The Sandbox’: Iraq or Afghanistan. They know me there. (And the monetary compensation is more than I am qualified to demand here). Problem is, most folks are leaving at the moment. But I suspect the U.S. Corporations will be heading back once the dust (temporarily settles) Actually, the more dangerous the gig, the more it pays. Yep. I am just a little bit mercenary.
        Peace My Friend

      • I’d love to go to either or both as a photographer. When I went to Jordan I found the people to be most gracious, kind and welcoming. I think if I didn’t go in a official capacity with either military or corporate interests, I would find the same in either of those.

      • Yes David, I remember you commenting on one of my posts about the JAF and your having been to Jordan. Perhaps you recall, I lived and worked in Amman for six months between Iraq gigs. Love the Jordanians. Most gracious people. I still have some as FB Friends and we regularly correspond. I think you saw me as being ‘unkind’ to the JAF when they showed up in Afghanistan. But you must remember: it was my job to take care of the Marines and provisions and housing were scarce. I was just pissed that the JAF were getting better treatment than the U.S. Marines. Perhaps that did not come across clearly enough.
        Jordan is a wonderful country. I do hope this recent ‘unpleasantness’ with ISIS does not spill over into Jordan.

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