The Trajectory Of Life


Generational links fascinate me.  This is a 99 year old Cuban woman and her 9 month old great granddaughter in Havana.  When this woman was 9 months old, World War One hadn’t happened yet.  Her parents saw the Spanish-American War, which ended colonial rule of the island, and it had only been an independent republic for 10 years.  She was 44 when the revolution happened, putting Fidel Castro in power.  So she has seen the island go from colony to republic, to Mafia playground, to Communist dictatorship.  The two of them live with several family members in a second floor apartment in a crumbling colonial building in the heart of Havana Vieja, wealthy and vibrant just 50 years ago.  The 9 month old will undoubtedly see the end of the Castro dynasty, the normalization of relations with the United States, and who knows what else the future has in store for this amazing island and its strong and resilient people.  I fell in love instantly with Cuba and its people, and wish them well.