Look.  Really look.  How many times have you been driving home in the afternoon and suddenly realized that you missed the sunset?  You were listening to the radio, or talking on the phone, or thinking about dinner, or whatever.  You missed the sunset.  That brilliant beautiful thing that fills the sky every night.  If you can miss that when it’s in front of your face, imagine all the small inconsequential things of beauty that you miss all day long.  That is part of what being a photographer is.  Your job is to see the things that other people overlook, record them, and put them where they can see them again.

2 thoughts on “Look

  1. Reminds me suddenly of a sign I was introduced to in Iraq:
    “Don’t Stay Here.”
    Tried to post the photo here, but I am tech challenged.
    It is in one of my Iraq posts.
    Don’t matter.
    Love the photo.

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