Argumentative? Me?

I like to argue. I freely admit that. I will argue politics or culture or whatever all day. I also like to be right, to win an argument. It’s ingrained in me. That is NOT, however, what is going on when I pull out the snopes or the scientific journal or whatever source about a catchy but incorrect visual that one of my friends posts. You see, I believe in the same things as my friends. I believe that our ecosystem is fragile, damaged and threatened by all sorts of things we do to it. I believe that all violent death and all war is a horrible thing that shouldn’t exist. I believe that every human deserves the same opportunities as any other, even if it means that those who have benefited the most pay more. I’m a pretty damned liberal Liberal. Because of this, it bothers me more when someone on “my side” is putting out false information than it does when someone from the other side is. I want us to win. And if we are to win against the powerful, wealthy opposition of the status quo, we’d better get our facts straight.