Mila And Kai Paint

The weekly painting “lessons” continue.  I had so much fun watching Mila paint that I forgot to take photos until she was done.

Here she is with her finished piece last week:


We played with using tape to block out parts of the canvas and with using round things to make circles.  Here’s the painting:


This week was Kai’s turn.  We tried something i don’t really understand how to do, which is to use salt on watery paint.  I’m pretty sure one needs to have more time and patience than we did, in order to let the paint dry on its own.  Then we used the blow drier to push paint around the canvas and Kai finished up by enhancing and accenting with a brush.  Here are shots in progress and his finished piece:


We were dipping carrots in spicy hummus for a snack as we worked.  Also grapes!


And the finished piece:


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