D.F. Catedral

As one might expect from an organization that demands 10% of everything from its followers, the Catholic Church has built itself a magnificent headquarters in Mexico City.  Here it is, seen behind the transportation of one of its adherents.


Naturally, it includes numerous spectacularly crafted images and sculptures of Jesus dying:


Including this one of him evidently on a 15 minute break from his arduous day of cross hanging:


and a Black Jesus wearing a skirt, who was the most popular to pray to.


There are also statues of local saints nobody has ever heard of:


an opportunity to worship the Pope directly:


And, last but not least, a gift shop:


Outside this gold-encrusted building are dozens of starving people begging for change and descendants of the Toltecs, upon whose historic temple this Cathedral was built, dressed in costume and performing for camera-wielding tourists:




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