Texas Canyon, Arizona

About 12 miles east of Benson I-10 winds through some of the more spectacular rock formations in the state.  Similar to what you see at Windy Point on Mt Lemmon, Texas Canyon is full of giant granite boulders, stacked and piled and eroded into fantastical shapes.  About ten years ago, the state sandblasted the graffiti above the highway, and I stopped to admire the view from the rest stop.  All the land around seemed to be private, however, so I never got to walk around much til yesterday.  My friend Mark and i took the Dragoon exit and found a gate with a phone number on it.  We called and were given permission to drive down the unmaintained road into the rocks.  This is not the more spectacular north side of the highway.  That is apparently very private.  We still found some remarkable images on the south side.






We nicknamed this “Testicular Rock”

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