Taxation With Unequal Representation

It was brought to my attention this morning that the states of Idaho, Montana, North & South Dakota, Wyoming, Kansas Nebraska and Oklahoma combined have a population less than that of LA County.  Yet the people in those 8 states have the power of 16 obstructionist Senators to overpower the will of the rest of us.  I understand that the founders wished to avoid a “tyranny of the majority”, but this is absurdly lopsided, and creates a “tyranny of the minority”, which is completely out of step with the mainstream, ignorant of basic science, racist, misogynist, and religiously fundamentalist.

When You Are A Member Of The 1%

And I donated to your charity, telling me you just took a photo of one of my photos to send to your relative (who is also a member of the 1%) does not make me think good thoughts about you.  I do not begrudge you your inherited money, and I respect what you do with your life, but stealing from me when the cost of sending a small print would mean nothing to you?  Please send them a link to my blog next time.