It looks like we have a week of

It looks like we have a week of perfect weather ahead of us before the swelter settles in.  Got up this morning and grabbed a couple of shots in the front yard Before heading out to lunch with my friend Kha.



Kha just had a birthday, and I missed the party, so this was my treat.  He is an awesome guy, who came to the states before we went to war with his country, and has spent his life serving the community, from setting up programs to teach refugees computer skills to organizing bike workshops or origami classes, to volunteering at the Pima Council on Aging and the Botanical Gardens.  He is also an avid photographer.  This is him with one of his hollyhocks.


We had planned on eating at Halong Bay, named after one of the most beautiful sites in Vietnam, but when we arrived, this is what we found:


We ended up at Dao’s Tai Pan, where the above mentioned origami classes meet, having a wonderful lunch of pho and cafe sua da (Vietnamese iced coffee with condensed milk).  I finished off with a few shots of Kha’s flowers.





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