It’s time for the filibuster to go.

The full version:

90% of the American people supported this bill.  90%

90% of Democrats voted for it.

90% of Republicans voted against it.

They say the filibuster rule is there to prevent “tyranny of the majority”.  What it does is enable “tyranny of the minority”.  Small states (who generally tend to be vociferously pro-gun) already have disproportionately large representation in the Senate.  Why does that need to be augmented by this rule? When people go to the polls, they want their vote to mean something.  They want the people they elect to represent them, not some corporate interest such as the gun manufacturers’ lobby (otherwise known as the NRA).  Democrats seem to understand this.  They voted with the overwhelming majority of Americans.  Republicans voted with the gun manufacturers. And because of this antiquated rule, the gun manufacturers, backed by only 10% of the people, succeeded in keeping open a loophole that enables criminals and mentally unstable people to buy any gun they want, anonymously, just by going online.  Really?  80% of Republicans are for closing this loophole.  This is a gross distortion of the democratic process, and must stop.  The filibuster rule must go.