One Stop Shopping

I really don’t like the Facebook platform, and Livejournal now forces people to view ads when they go to see my posts, unless they pay a fee.  Facebook basically seems to be about collecting information and content for third parties I have no desire to benefit, so recently I have been posting to Livejournal and having my posts show up on FB.  This has the dual benefit of keeping my LJ accounts alive, which I want to do because of their outstanding searchable archive, and of communicating with all the people who only use FB.  What I’d really like to do is have one ad free place people can see my posts which will also automatically upload whatever I post to FB, Tumblr, and LJ.  I get 2 out of 3 here.  I think I’d have to manually crosspost to LJ.  The other possible advantage with WordPress is that, I think, I can embed it in my website.  Maybe Kate McKinnon can coach me on that?

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