Paul Krugman makes me angry lately.

The President Surrenders, says Krugman

It seems as if he wants Obama to be a one term president. He was one of the major players banging the drum of complaint last fall that led to the Teabagger Congress we now have. This is more of the same. He should be lambasting the Republican House for holding the country hostage. They were willing to bring down the government, the economy, and the country if they didn’t get their way. What should Obama do? Declare martial law and have a purge? I don’t buy Krugman’s suggestion. First of all, he doesn’t define his “legal end run”, but the implication is the 14th amendment which was talked about a lot. That would have led to immediate impeachment hearings in the House, which would have completely paralyzed the government for the rest of Obama’s term. I think he took the only way out possible. Social Security and Medicare are not touched, and the debate continues with the hostage rescued.

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