Stop crying “Wolf!” or the wolf will eat you.

The paranoid fringe of the Left are in a tizzy because the headlines in their “alternative” press are saying that Obama is promising the Republicans cuts in Social Security. As usual, this is total bullshit. Obama has said changes to Social Security and Medicare are on the table. He has not said what those changes might be, nor has he said what he would demand from Republicans in order to get them. This has been the way of the squealing left wing pundits every time Obama has sat down with the Congress we stuck him with last November by not freaking voting for Liberals. Every time, he has come back with a better deal than anyone thought he could get. Too bad all the crybabies were beating down the most effective president the Left has had in 50 years for six months prior to November’s elections. If instead they had been encouraging the electorate to give him a Congress that would empower him, we would be looking at a very different country right now. Instead, they suppressed the vote from the Liberal base and we got Obama vs the Teabag Nation of Rand Paul and Michele Bachmann. I fear Mother Jones and Alternet will do exactly the same thing for the next year and a half, and we will end up with a government entirely controlled by the Republican party and their masters the Koch Brothers.

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