The buying of America

Where all that unlimited Citizens United money is going. C = conservative, L = liberal

U.S. Chamber of Commerce————————$34,944,407—–C
American Action Network————————-$26,587,926—–C
American Crossroads—————————–$21,553,277—–C
Crossroads Grassroots Policy Strategies———$17,122,446—–C
Service Employees International Union———–$15,737,456—–L
American Future Fund—————————–$9,596,800—–C
Americans for Job Security———————–$8,991,209—–C
Club for Growth———————————-$8,240,060—–C
National Rifle Association———————–$7,416,831—–C
60 Plus Association——————————$7,096,125—–C
National Association of Realtors—————–$6,073,307—–N/A
America’s Families First Action Fund————-$5,878,743—–L
League of Conservation Voters——————–$4,587,410—–L
NEA Advocacy Fund——————————–$4,200,000—–L
Americans for Tax Reform————————-$4,140,044—–C
EMILY’s List————————————-$3,968,701—–L
Commonsense Ten———————————-$3,257,033—–L
National Education Association——————-$3,229,903—–L

Conservative total—————————–$145,669,125
Liberal total———————————–$56,490,732


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