It was my bike.

We are trying to work something out so he can keep it, because he loves it as much as I did, and I’ve already replaced it with an identical one.

I am working with the police to try to catch the thief.

What a small world.

So I’m looking at a local facebook friend’s photos the other day and there is my stolen bike! or at least one that looks almost identical. Only one store in Tucson sells this model, and I was the only one to buy the rack and folding baskets. It doesn’t have my lights on it, and two water bottle holders have been added. So I commented on his photo, asking if he had bought the bike second hand, and linking him to the entry for my bike. No response. I just messaged him in case he doesn’t get notifications.

I don’t actually know this guy personally, but we have a friend in common whom I know quite well. Not sure how to proceed, but damn, I bet that’s my bike.

Edit: He just messaged me. He bought it at Play it Again Sports two months ago. We’re checking the serial #. I bet it’s mine!