the rest of Michoacan

we spent time in Michoacan both on the way down the coast, when we stopped at beautiful La Ticla, a popular surfing spot for those in the know, and then again on the way back when we briefly stopped at Playa Azul during our detour around Mexico City. Playa Azul is a town that seems sort of halfway there. It’s almost but not quite a tourist town, with not much more reason to exist, but also not much to attract people. then we went inland to Patzcuaro, which, with the island of Janitzo are the most popular places to spend Dia De Los Muertos and Noche De Los Muertos. Jane had highly recommended this stop, and she was right. If you go to central Mexico, you must visit Patzcuaro and Isla Janitzo.

in addition to the three pages of pics from Patzcuaro from yesterday, two pages of pics from Isla Janitzo and one each from La Ticla and Playa Azul as well as a few miscellaneous photos are up at



isla janitzo

playa azul