just so you all know…

i’ve been at my parents’ house in maine since the 22nd. jane and i spent a couple days in portland first. i like portland. it’s a hip, not too large city. lots of neat shops, old buildings, and restaurants i wish we had had time to sample. it’s been a fun visit here in sedgwick as well, with temperatures similar to tucson in the mornings, althought quite a bit colder later in the day, lots of good food, interesting conversation, and several HILARIOUS family games of dictionary. we fly back to tucson tomorrow, where i will start putting together my new photography studio. i’m really excited to start populating the walls with prints. i’ve also got some tentative ideas for a three dimensional painting series. stay tuned!

peace to all


i bought 96 readymade mat sets (with backing and plastic envelope) to fit 8×10 prints and 11×14 frames. am now printing up 17 B&W shots of Angkor Wat. the hope is that i will be able to sell a bunch of these (for about $35) at studio tour, thus paying for some of my costs. it seems to be the bread and butter of many photographers who work the art fairs and such. i’m much more interested in making larger prints, but it makes sense, i think, to have small, affordable stuff available, so i’m doing this batch. it’s a small investment, mostly in time spent. if it pays off, i’ll do more.