puerto escondido is a surfer beach on the southwest coast of oaxaca. we stopped there on the way down, and again on the way back when we avoided mexico city. we didn’t see a lot of the town, just relaxed on the beach, drank beer, and watched the surfer kids play.

we stayed in ciudad oaxaca for three nights on the way back. it’s a beautiful colonial city, and we had near perfect weather the whole time, hence the three full pages of photos.

the road between tuxtepec and ciudad oaxaca is possibly the most beautiful we travelled. it was misty and rainy the whole way, but magical driving up through the jungle into the mountains. the pics i have on the misc. page do not do it justice. i didn’t even try, really. there are some things you can’t photograph, you just have to experience them.

the truck rollover was our only serious traffic situation, but i followed the locals up the wrong lane for a couple of miles and got these shots just before they let us through.

as always, a couple teasers here. the rest are at imagecentralamerica.