never forget what the alternative was

Liberals were pretty successful at spreading dissent within Bush’s base by constantly pointing out that he wasn’t a Conservative. It was true. Bush was not a Conservative president, even though he had run as a self-professed one.

Conservatives are trying a similar tactic now. They still call Obama a Liberal (when they aren’t calling him a Muslim, Nazi, or Communist), but they also spend a lot of time pointing out ways in which many on the left think he isn’t Liberal enough. Sadly, the Liberal Media have taken up the same banner.

Don’t get me wrong, I am all for holding Obama’s feet to the fire where he made promises, and for advocating positions he may not espouse. What I am against is propagandistic spin.

I have experienced this a few times recently on my friends list, from someone who evidently reads and believes every word Common Dreams prints. Common Dreams, and Radio outlets such as Democracy Now are important sources for much information eschewed by the MSM. Unfortunately, they frequently spin and disinform. It doesn’t matter what your source, you need to check your facts.

This morning’s example from my livejournal friend was a Common Dreams clip:

Two years to the day after the Nisour Square massacre, Blackwater
remains in Iraq, armed and dangerous. As The Nation has reported,
the Obama administration recently extended the company’s contract there
indefinitely. Blackwater has big-money contracts in Afghanistan as well,
working for the State Department, the Defense Department and the CIA. As
in Iraq, Blackwater forces are alleged to have shot and killed innocent
civilians there. We now know that Blackwater was hired as part of the
secret CIA assassination program that former Vice President Dick Cheney
ordered concealed from Congress and that the company continues to work
for the CIA as part of its drone bombing campaign in Pakistan and

On the second anniversary of the single worst massacre of Iraqi
civilians committed by a private force since the US invasion, President
Obama should be forced to explain to the American people
why he continues to pay hundreds of millions of
dollars to this company .

Sounds like Obama is just continuing the Bush Policies, doesn’t it? I’m sure that’s the buzz that will be rushing around the narrow focused left wing blogosphere this morning.

The thing is, it only took a simple Google search to find out all the facts from Truth NorCal:

Sources say the [State]department has agreed to temporarily continue using the subsidiary known as Presidential Airways to provide helicopter transport for embassy employees around Iraq until a new contract with another security company, Dyncorp International, is fully implemented. Presidential Airways is an arm of U.S. Training Center, which is a subsidiary of the company Xe, formerly and still commonly known as Blackwater….

Once this contract expires, it will end Blackwater’s controversial presence in Iraq. The company was banned from operating in Iraq by the Iraqi government earlier this year and the State Department did not renew its contracts for personal security details in Iraq. The airlift contract had been allowed to continue until it was set to expire this month.

A few weeks ago my friend posted an article, again from Common Dreams, stating that Obama was continuing to refuse access to Bagram Prison the very same day that The New York Times reported that he was opening up the prison to the International Red Cross.

I understand the motives of the Right in spreading disinformation to weaken support for Obama, but I don’t know why the Left is doing it. We have the most Liberal president we could possibly have hoped for (and don’t forget the alternative or what came before), he is brilliant, humble, honest, and is trying to put this country back on track.

Why tear him down? Sure, he won’t do everything we want, but without support, he won’t be able to do anything. Advocate for your beliefs, hold him accountable for his promises, but don’t use lies and propaganda to weaken the president who is the most supportive of your agenda in a generation.