i’m home!

well, future home, anyway. it was a wonderful feeling cresting the hill and seeing the lake for the first time. a bit rough on the brakes on the way down, and i had to do most of it in first gear, but the farbeltruck made it with flying colors. am staying in the hotel owned by the brother of the guy we are hoping to buy land from. the title registration still isn’t complete, so i’ll have to come back again later this year. awww. so far it looks like we will own the land sometime this fall. i went over there today and envisioned what it will look like filled with fruit and shade trees, terraces, gardens, a solar hottub, and our passive solar water collecting home! it took eleven days to drive here. about 5 hours driving a day and three with no driving at all. on the way back we are going to palenque and then heading up through the interior with a brief jog to the coast to avoid mexico city. that trip doesn’t start for 11 days, though 🙂