Lori Nix : Lori Nix costructs and photographs surreal miniature dioramas guaranteed to inspire.

Adam Cooper-Terán : The visionary genius behind the look of this site. He took a vague idea, combined it with my images, and created a site that feels like "me". Then he made it simple enough that I was able to populate it with content on my own. Thank you Adam!

Mark Ryden : If I was a fan of labels, I might call this "Whimsical Surrealism". No matter what you call it, it is wondrous.

Unquiet Visions : Think you've seen fractal art? You need to check out Steven Lareau. He pulls images out of his equations that are truly spectacular.

BevelVision : It's not just the motion, it's the movement.

Henle Studio : Cecelia Henle; talented, prolific, and, as she says, dialed!

The Louvre : This is a great site, you can take a virtual tour and visit the museum room by room. Don't be put off by the fact that it comes up in French at first, there is an English link in the middle of the page.

The Metropolitan Museum of Art : In New York City; also has a great collection of images, including special exhibitions.

The Museum of Modern Art : In New York City; one of my favorite places when I was going to art school in Brooklyn. This site is excellent. You can look at a quality image of a piece and hear a commentary on it at the same time.


Peter Gabriel : This man has had more influence on the soundtrack of my life than any other.

Real World : Peter Gabriel's label dedicated to finding, recording,and promoting great artists from around the globe. I have yet to be disappointed by any CD bearing the Real World logo.

Tony Levin : This guy has played with everyone, and is arguably the best bass player today. He also has a fun site to browse, and lots of cool links.

Robert Fripp : The guitar player's guitar player. Never one to fit in, Fripp has formed his own label out of disgust with the narrow, dollar driven focus of the mainstream. This is the place to find truly unique, visionary and experimental sounds, plus information on King Crimson's current incarnation.

Roots of American Fiddle Music : This site is built and maintained by my friend Ahmet Baycu, who, although he doesn't even mention himself in the site is an accomplished musician, luthier, inventor, and computer whiz, along with being a really cool guy.


Red Meat : This comic is always sick and always funny, but don't let anyone see you laughing!

This Modern World : Tom Tomorrow's wonderfully sarcastic political commentary. I can't link to him directly, so this goes to the comics page, which has a bunch of other good stuff.

K Rat : Sonoran Desert Humor from The Tucson Weekly

Sinfest : Irreverent commentary on religion, love, and contemporary issues.

Peter Kuper : This one should probably be under the Art heading. I went to Pratt with Peter and followed his comic called World War III. Thought provoking slightly surreal animated (sometimes) strips.